March 6 2005

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March 6th, 2005 (March 06 2005)DeathHans Bethe, German-born physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1906)
March 6th, 2005 (March 06 2005)DeathTommy Vance, British radio disc jockey (born in 1943)
March 6th, 2005 (March 06 2005)DeathDanny Gardella, American baseball player (born in 1920)
March 6th, 2005 (March 06 2005)DeathTeresa Wright, American actress (born in 1918)
March 6th, 1985 (March 06 1985)BirthAlbert Reed, American model
March 6th, 1975 (March 06 1975)EventAlgiers Accord: Iran and Iraq announce a settlement of their border dispute.
March 6th, 1975 (March 06 1975)BirthAracely Arambula, Mexican actress and singer
March 6th, 1965 (March 06 1965)DeathMargaret Dumont, American actress (born in 1889)
March 6th, 1955 (March 06 1955)BirthAlberta Watson, Canadian actress
March 6th, 1945 (March 06 1945)EventA communist-dominated government under Petru Groza assumes power in Romania.
March 6th, 1935 (March 06 1935)BirthRon Delany, Irish athlete
March 6th, 1935 (March 06 1935)DeathFridolf Rhudin Swedish actor and comedian (born in 1895)
March 6th, 1925 (March 06 1925)EventBelgium annexes Eupen, Malmedy, and Sankt Vith.
March 6th, 1925 (March 06 1925)BirthWes Montgomery, American musician (died in 1968)
March 6th, 1915 (March 06 1915)BirthSyedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, 52nd Da i al Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohras
March 6th, 1915 (March 06 1915)BirthPete Gray, American baseball player (died in 2002)
March 6th, 1905 (March 06 1905)BirthBob Wills, American singer (died in 1975)
March 6th, 1905 (March 06 1905)DeathJohn Henninger Reagan, American Confederate politician (born in 1818)
March 6th, 1895 (March 06 1895)DeathCamilla Collett, Norwegian writer and feminist (born in 1813)Camilla Collett Quotes
March 6th, 1885 (March 06 1885)BirthRing Lardner, American writer (died in 1933)Ring Lardner Quotes
March 6th, 1495 (March 06 1495)BirthLuigi Alamanni, Italian poet (died in 1556)
March 6th, 1475 (March 06 1475)BirthMichelangelo, Italian artist (died in 1564)
March 6th, 1405 (March 06 1405)BirthKing John II of Castile (died in 1454)
March 6th, 1405 (March 06 1405)BirthKing John II of Castile (died in 1454)

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